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Aviation Expert Consulting is the leading aviation consultant in the industry today, specializing in a multitude of expertise in aviation and aviation law, including pilot crew performance consulting and assessment, aircraft performance, aviation accidents, and aircraft-related litigation cases. We believe that an effective aviation consultant works hand in hand with clients and concerned entities to understand the nature of the situation and analyze data based on aviation standards to come up with solutions.


At the helm of Aviation Expert Consulting is Captain Richard Levy, a seasoned aviation consultant with decades of flight experience in both the commercial and military field. An estimated 40,000 hours of flight experience and 50 years of aviation experience makes him one of the best aviation consultants today. Specializing in federal aviation regulations and pilot performance analysis, we are an indispensable asset for aviation companies, agencies, and litigation experts. As a seasoned aviation law expert, Captain Richard of Aviation Expert Consulting stands firm with this ideology and strives to assist clients like you. Whether your concern is about flight safety standards, cockpit crew performance, aviation accidents, international flight operations, or pilot instruction and training, we can definitely help you with your situation.

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I love aviation, aviation law, aviation procedures, and human factors and behavior as they relate to piloting. Aviation is my passion. I find the legal profession fascinating and would be happy to assist you with your case.


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Aviation-Related Personal Injury Law Consultant

Captain Richard Levy works with a number of personal injury lawyers with regards to aviation accidents for professional consultations and interpretations. We analyze the presented situation, documents, and other data in order for us to provide our partners with accurate information and consultations. Captain Levy can also stand as an expert witness for personal injury related cases and other similar ones related to aviation accidents.

If you’re in need of a professional aviation expert who can provide you with accurate and detailed interpretation of data regarding personal injury cases, partner with Captain Richard Levy of Aviation Expert Consulting.




Captain Richard J. Levy is an aviation law expert with a 50-year aviation career culminating in roles as captain and pilot check airman at American Airlines. He is currently employed as a Boeing 737 flight crew training instructor and spearheads Aviation Expert Consulting as the lead aviation consultant. He is an accomplished private, commercial, and airline transport pilot with type ratings on the Boeing 727/737/757/767/777.

Among his impressive experience are as the following:

  • 7 years general aviation aircraft experience
  • 6 months regional airline experience
  • 6 years with the USAF in T37/T38/C-130 aircraft
  • 40 years with American Airlines.

Captain Levy flew in the United States, South America, Russia, Europe, China, India, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, the polar route airspace, and worldwide extended twin operations (ETOPS) regions, including the North Atlantic and the North Pacific. Not only that, but Captain Richard is also FAA-certified, well-versed in FAA rules and regulations, and able to interpret the rules and regulations of different airlines. Not to mention an articulate and a proactive communicator who skillfully presents complex technical information to diverse audiences, including pilots, attorneys, the government, and the media. Indeed, there’s no denying the skills he brings to the table as a professional aviation consultant, garnering a number of satisfied clients, both plaintiffs and defendants throughout the years.

Get in touch with us at Aviation Expert Consulting today to discuss your situation with one of the country’s leading aviation consultants. Give us a call today to set an appointment. Captain Levy is more than willing to help you with your case and provide the legal consultation and assistance that you need. A comprehensive CV is available upon request.