Captain Richard Levy provides aviation consulting and expert witness services to attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants. Captain Levy is deeply knowledgeable about commercial aviation, flight safety standards, cockpit crew performance, aviation accidents, international flight operations, and pilot instruction and training.


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I love aviation, aviation law, aviation procedures, and human factors and behavior as they relate to piloting. Aviation is my passion. I find the legal profession fascinating and would be happy to assist you with your case.


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Do you have a need for an aviation expert witness?

Richard J. Levy is an aviation enthusiast and subject-matter expert with a 50-year aviation career culminating in roles as captain and pilot check airman at American Airlines. Currently, he is employed as a Boeing 737 flight crew training instructor with a major airline. He is an accomplished private, commercial, and airline transport pilot with type ratings on the Boeing 727/737/757/767/777 and has:

  • seven years’ experience in general aviation aircraft
  • six months’ experience at a regional airline
  • six years with the USAF in T37/T38/C-130 aircraft, and
  • almost 41 years with American Airlines.

He is FAA-certified, well-versed in FAA rules and regulations, and able to interpret the rules and regulations of different airlines. He is an articulate and positive communicator who skillfully presents complex technical information to diverse audiences, including pilots, attorneys, the government, and the media. Captain Levy flew in the United States, South America, Russia, Europe, China, India, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, the polar route airspace, and worldwide extended twin operations (ETOPS) regions, including the North Atlantic and the North Pacific.

He has been retained as an aviation consultant expert by both plaintiffs and defendants.

A comprehensive CV is available upon request.