Captain Richard Levy provides aviation consulting and expert witness services to attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants. Captain Levy is deeply knowledgeable about commercial aviation, flight safety standards, cockpit crew performance, aviation accidents, international flight operations, and pilot instruction and training.


I love aviation, aviation law, aviation procedures, and human factors and behavior as they relate to piloting. Aviation is my passion. I find the legal profession fascinating and would be happy to assist you with your case.


Do you have a need for an aviation expert witness?

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In June of 2018, Richard retired after almost 41 years as a Captain with American Airlines. The aircraft he flew include the B-727, B-757/767, and B-777.  He spent about 15 years as a check airman on the B-727 and B-757/767.

His long-range (ETOPS) flying experience includes many trips to India, Russia, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and South America.

Since October 2018, Richard has been serving as a flight crew training instructor on the B-737 (for which he is type-rated) with another major Part 121 airline in the U.S.