About Richard

Aviation Expert: Aviation Consulting for Litigation & Media

In his 50-year career with American Airlines, Captain Levy has held many positions, including FAA approved Pilot Check Airman and​,​ currently​,​ Captain of a B-777. He is an accomplished Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) with an accumulation of over 4,000 hours in General Aviation Aircraft, 2,000 hours in Military Jets & Transports, and well over 30,000 hours in Boeing 727, 757/767 and 777 aircraft.

  • FAA Certified and well-versed in FAA rules and regulations, and able to interpret the rules and regulations of different airlines.
  • Articulate and positive communicator, skilled at presenting complex technical information to diverse audiences including pilots, attorneys, the government, and media.

Professional Experience


Consult as a technical aviation advisor to the media and entertainment industry and work with plaintiff and defense attorneys on cases involving the following types of issues:

  • Aircraft Performance
  • Airline Flight Operations
  • International Operations
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Aviation Instruction & Training
  • Aviation Weather and Meteorology
  • Cockpit Crew Performance
  • Extended Twin Engine Overwater Operations (ETOPS)
  • Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61, 91, 121, and 135
  • Flight Safety Standards
  • MNPS Operations and NAT Tracks
  • North Pacific Operations and PATOCS
  • Polar Operations
  • Special Qualification Airports


Captain B-777 (2005 – Present)

Regions flown to: United States, South America, Russia, Europe, China, India, Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Polar Operations, ETOPS, North Atlantic, North Pacific

FAA Approved Pilot Check Airman – Aircraft & Flight Simulator (1989 – 2005)

Taught/evaluated AA pilots in B-727/757/767 aircraft and flight simulator:

  • United States
  • Vail-Eagle CO Airport Qualification
  • Jackson Hole WY Airport Qualification
  • Caribbean
  • Tegucigalpa, Honduras Airport Qualification
  • Quito, Ecuador Airport Qualification
  • La Paz, Bolivia Airport Qualification
  • Latin America
  • South America
  • Central Pacific – Hawaiian Islands
  • Europe
  • North Atlantic–Standardization Coordinator

American Airlines – Earlier Roles (1977 – 1989)

Captain B-757/B-767
Captain B-727
First Officer DC-10
First Officer B-727
Flight Engineer B-727

RIO AIRWAYS (Commuter Airlines)1975

First Officer, Beech 99

U.S. AIR FORCE1975 – 1982

Reserves Part-time Pilot (1976-1982)

Aircraft Commander USAF C-130 Transport Aircraft

Additional Experience

Motivational speaker, author and life coach, 2012 – 2017
Internet radio host, “Wealthy Thoughts,” VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, 2013 – 2016


Fluency: English and German

Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Transportation, University of Texas, 1974
United States Air Force, 1975-1982
Officers Training School, Summer 1975
USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training, 1975-1976
Awarded “Air Training Command” Commander’s Trophy
Passed FAA Private, Commercial, and Instrument Written Exams, age 13
Soloed, age 16 (minimum age)
Passed FAA Private Pilot Flight Test, age 17 (minimum age)
Passed FAA Instrument Rating Flight Test, age 17
Passed FAA Commercial Pilot Flight Test, age 18 (minimum age)
Passed Air Transport Pilot Flight Test for Single & Multi-Engine Aircraft, age 23 (minimum age)